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Customize Twitter Widget css (style) for any website

Custom twitter widget featured

Recently I wanted to add a twitter feeds and hashtag trends in a website with a little bit of custom styling to blend in to website feel. However, I was disappointed with official twitter widget: while it was easy to implement, it was nearly impossible to work with horrible twitter widget markup and styling constrains. So, I decided to find an alternative – in this post I will show you how to pull twitter any twitter feeds or hashtag trends and style it the way you want!

Top 10 CodePen Logos in Pure Css

Top 10 Logos coded with pure css / html

You probably use your logo as an image or in best case a vector image, but have you ever considered coding your logo ? Yes actually coding with css. Well maybe it is not the most efficient way, but it is good css skill practice and a good overview of what can be achieved only with code. This post include 10 selected CodePen pure css logos, enjoy.

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